The troubles of Aamir Khan's son are not decreasing…

Aamir Khan's son junaid khan is soon ready to start his acting career with the OTT film 'Maharaj'. However, even before its release, Aamir's son Junaid's debut film has been surrounded by controversies. Many organizations are demanding a ban on the release of the film. At the same time, Bajrang Dal has filed a petition in the Dindoshi court of mumbai opposing the release of 'Maharaj'.

Bajrang Dal filed a petition in the court against 'Maharaj'

Aamir Khan's son Junaid Khan's debut film 'Maharaj' is facing a lot of opposition. At the same time, Bajrang Dal has filed a petition in the Dindoshi court of mumbai against the release of the film. In its petition, apart from stopping the release of the film, Bajrang Dal has also demanded screening of the film for a special committee under the supervision of the court. It is being alleged that Hindu religious leaders have been shown in a negative way in 'Maharaj'. Bajrang Dal says that this film can hurt the sentiments of a section of the audience and due to this a law and order situation can also arise.

Demand for ban of 'Maharaj' is also being made on social media

Amidst all this, a section of social media users has also demanded a ban on Junaid Khan's film. On thursday (13 June), the hashtag Boycott Netflix is trending on X. Hindu activists have expressed their apprehensions about the religious leaders being shown in a wrong way in Maharaj. One user wrote, "Hey Hindus wake up...father (Aamir Khan) made fun of Lord shiva by releasing the film 'PK' and now the son wants to defame Hindu religion, cultural tradition by releasing the film 'Maharaj'. This film should be boycotted..Boycott Netflix, ban the film Maharaj." Many more such users have demanded a ban on the film.

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