Anil Kumar Yadav must pay the price for his bad mouth..!?

*Anil Kumar Yadav targeted tdp leaders and made extreme comments.
* Does Anil's criticism of lokesh have to pay the price?
* Has Anil been taught the reality of the election results?

It is known that former minister anil kumar yadav targeted tdp leaders and made extreme comments with harsh words. Now that the coalition is in power, there are comments that Anil must pay the price for his bad mouth. The comments show that there is no need to be surprised if the tdp leaders also gave answers with the same kind of words to his words that tdp is sure to target Anil. Apart from being one of the leaders who spoke strongly on behalf of ycp in the past, anil kumar yadav also criticized lokesh by targeting him. But anil kumar yadav, who acted aggressively then, is now speaking in silence. The comments show that anil kumar yadav has understood the reality of the election results. He said that if it is true that the defeat is due to bad mouth, then we will try to correct the mistakes. He mentioned that defeat is not new for ycp as it has been in the opposition for many years. It remains to be seen what will be the political plans of Anil Kumar Yadav.
Anil Kumar Yadav is 44 years old and entered politics at a young age. Anil is certain to be targeted by tdp but it seems that we have to wait and see how they will target. anil kumar yadav, who contested as narasaraopet mp, gave a tough fight but could not win the election. In this election, anil kumar yadav got 6,48,267 votes and Lau sri krishna Devarayalu won as Narasa Raopet mp with almost one and a half lakh majority.

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