Minister Narayana revealed that a master plan has been drawn up to complete the capital of Amaravati. minister Narayana, who took charge of the Urban Development Department, came into his chamber with a clapping of hands. In which chamber he served as a minister between 2014-19, he assumed responsibility in the same chamber. Special CS Sri lakshmi of the Urban Development Department welcomed minister Narayana. On this occasion, minister Narayana said that amaravati is important in the municipal department... He announced that important constructions and works will be completed in amaravati in two and a half years

He clarified that we will proceed to complete the houses of the Secretariat, Assembly, officials, and employees... We will focus on the construction of infrastructure along with 3600 km of roads. He explained that the construction of amaravati is according to the old master plan. There is no change. minister Narayana reminded that CM Chandrababu's aim is to make amaravati one of the top 5 capitals in the world and that earlier tenders were called for works of 48 thousand crores in 217 square yards. Narayana explained that the construction of the capital will lead to development in all the districts.

They were angry that the previous government played three tricks in the name of three capitals. He said that they have troubled the farmers by not giving them rent. With my experience in the past, I will take it forward as one of the top 5 in the world. He was angry that the previous government had stopped the construction of the capital halfway even though there was no small litigation. He said that the previous government cheated the farmers of the capital who had given them land. people were fed up with the anarchic rule of the ycp and gave power to the NDA.

It has been revealed that the reconstruction work of the capital will be started soon... and the time-bound will be decided after studying it in fifteen days. He said that he would say that the capital works would be completed as soon as possible. It was mentioned that in the past proposals were made and implemented to build the capital amaravati in three phases. He said that the first phase of work in the capital will cost 48 thousand crores... The construction of the capital in three phases will cost one lakh crores. He said that he would study the cases in the capital's upper courts and take appropriate positive action.

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