Will Pawan's politics affect tamil Nadu?

Janasena party had good success as part of the alliance in the andhra pradesh election 2024. With this, it can be said that Pawan Kalyan's craze has also increased a bit. elections are going to be held in tamil Nadu in the next two years. Looks like Pawan Kalyan's impact has started in tamil Nadu as well. In andhra pradesh, it not only contested 21 seats but also won two parliamentary seats. Here, the politics of cinema has been given a good break. Especially in the past also people like Jayalalitha, karunanidhi and mgr gained good popularity in tamil Nadu and stood as CM.

But now it seems that the impact of tamil hero Vijay is visible. Because the entire team of hero Vijay is also making an impact very seriously. They are making a party perfectly and taking it forward. But it seems that the only difference here is whether to go with alliances or to go alone. If hero Vijay's party wants to go with an alliance, then it has become a matter of whether to go with bjp or to go with Stalin. However, according to the information being heard, there are reports in tamil Nadu that Vijay's party is thinking of making an alliance with stalin and moving forward.

If that happens, there are also reports that the party led by vishal is going to tie up with the Bharatiya Janata Party. But two film actors are going to be in politics in tamil Nadu. But there have been many in the past too. Even now, many continue to do so. But now the politics of heroes will become crucial.

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