Ministers Vs Ministers in AP.. What is the fuss, Babu...?

Ministers vs. Ministers.. This matter has now become an interesting discussion. Many people have worked as ministers in ycp as well. The then chief minister Jagan expanded the cabinet in two phases. In this, up to 40 people were made ministers. However.. all of them also.. experienced freedom in telling word of mouth. Ministers Kodali Nani, Roja, Ambati Rambabu, Perninani, gudivada amarnath, Seediri Appalaraju. Jogi Ramesh.

But, they faced criticism that they could not tell their respective departments. In fact, it is surprising that even a single minister does not have control over his departments. But, it's true. After two and a half years.. even Kodali has no direction on how to shape the Civil Supplies Department.. It is surprising. Both of them never got a chance to step into DGP's office even once.

Also.. even though Roja was the minister of Tourism.. even though Avanti Srinivasa Rao worked before that.. both of them failed to bring a single project. That means..those ministers are only talking about their work..they have given freedom to their mouths..but they have not been able to bring freedom in their performance. Couldn't improve performance. Even for a single day.. if there are no ministers who went to the secretariat.. except for one or two.. it is surprising. If cut.. now there are new ministers like TG Bharat, Anitha Wangalapudi and Satyakumar Yadav under Chandrababu.

They also.. will they say the work of their mouth? Or.. will they improve their performance freely? It should be seen. Otherwise.. like in the past.. they too.. there is a possibility that the impression will fall even on the dog who has given freedom to his mouth. Actually, there is some difference between then and now. Marks were given to the ministers based on the words of the then CM..based on word of mouth. But, Chandrababu's performance is known to be limited. Observers say that it would be better if ministers take freedom from their hands instead of from their mouths in terms of freedom in this context.

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