Will Pattabhi ram get the nominated position..!?

* Pattabhi ram who has grown as a firebrand of TDP.
* Pattabhi ram played a key role in strengthening the party.
*And this time will get the nominated post..?

It is known that the nda alliance won the ap general election. In this election, TDP-135, Jana Sena- 21 and BJP- 8 seats won undisputed victory. ycp won only 11 seats and suffered a heavy defeat in this election. With these results, fear has started among the officers who are loyal to YCP. The attack on tdp offices by ycp activists during the last ycp government is still remembered. The telugu brothers who are waiting for the coalition government are whipping the leaders who have given their horns to YCP. tdp has become a firebrand by throwing questions on YCP.
At one time, ycp leaders even filed illegal cases against him and he was arrested. Also, the then krishna district SP Joshua has expressed his grief many times that illegal cases were filed. Even so, he is very slow that the coalition government will come to power. Pattabhi ram gives a very bold answer to the criticism of ycp leaders on tdp with his eloquence. It would be good if such a person is given a nominated position. Discussions have started among the tdp leaders. Chandrababu and pawan kalyan promised before the election that they would be given. According to their promise, many aspirants are eagerly waiting for the nominated positions. But let's see whether Pattabhi ram will get the nominated position.

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