Tamannaah, who has earned a unique star image for herself as a milky beauty, has recently been trying to gain more craze with glamour on social media. No matter what kind of still this beauty gives, those photos go viral on social media within minutes. This beauty who has been in the industry since 2005 receives opportunities regardless of success. Not only the actress but also impresses with special songs now. 

Now and then, she indulges in photoshoots in a way that goes viral on social media.  Recently, the way she looked in a stylish pink dress stole the hearts of boys. The beauty was also seen in bikinis in the past, but the boys are responding positively saying that she is very beautiful in this stylish dress. She once again proved that her style is different in impressing with glamour. When it comes to these beauty movies, it has been a long time since she saw success. This year she did a movie called Bhola shankar with megastar Chiranjeevi. It is known that the movie was a disaster. 

In the web series called Lust Stories, she made everyone feel that way with the role of Heatek. tamannaah shocked with stunning glamour even in romantic scenes. It is known that she also appeared in the movie Jailer. Especially the Kavalaiya song in it got a good craze. Recently she did a movie called Bandra in Malayalam. But the movie was not very impressive. Currently doing Aranmanai 4 movie in Tamil. She is also acting in a movie in Hindi. C

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