Instagram To Soon Let Users Go Live & Be Visible Only To Their Close Friends

This new feature known as ‘Close Friends on Live’ will allow users to go live with up to three other people and this live will only be viewable to those people who will be in their close friends list.

Meta keeps on trying to enhance the communication experience for its users. It frequently rolls out new features in WhatsApp, instagram, and Messenger to help users stay connected with their loved ones more efficiently. Recently, it has announced a new feature for instagram to enhance users' customization experience even further. instagram users will now be able to go live and that live will only be accessible to the people who will be present in the list of their close friends on the app.

This new feature known as ‘Close Friends on Live’ will allow users to go live with up to three other peopleInstagram has said that this new function in particular will be useful for users if they want to share things which is on their minds, catch up with their friends, share memes, plan trips or casually hang out with their closest friends.

Why Was There A Need For This Feature

Instagram introduced the concept of going live on its app back in 2016. The only catch that there was with this live-streaming option was that it used to be accessible to everyone, even the people who were not in your follower list could view it and know what you were up to.

Since the introduction of this very feature, it has been used widely by celebrities, influencers, and content creators who want to stay connected with their fans and followers. As for normal users, this feature did not appeal to them much as they in a way were uncomfortable with the idea of every one of their followers being able to see what they were doing.

As per Meta, now this feature will be useful to people who would like to share influencer-like content and have discussions without having the fear of being judged by random followers. They could also host a study session with a limited number of people which they earlier would be doing with google Meet, MS Teams, or Zoom, or through other such platforms.

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