The story of the movie is set against a rural landscape. parvateesam will appear as Malli Babu, a balloon vendor in the village, and Jashvika will play Sujatha, a medical assistant. They fall in love with one another, but owing to inhibitions they find it difficult to admit their affections for one another even though they are mutual. Malli Babu makes numerous attempts to communicate with sujatha but is unsuccessful.

The castles Mallli Babu erected in the air abruptly crumble. sujatha and he are growing apart. Did they ever cross paths again? That is the main plot of "Telusa Manasa." Currently, the movie's production is moving forward quickly. The first look image for the movie was unveiled on wednesday by renowned producer Dil Raju, who also sent his best wishes to the cast and crew. The first impression is intriguing.

We observe the heroine, a young woman, senior artist rohini Hattangadi, and a young boy who is sound asleep all sitting in chairs. parvateesam is sitting next to the cot, appearing to be deep in concentration. The film is being crafted by newcomer Vaibhav as a new-age love narrative. The soundtrack is being composed by National Award-winning music director Gopi Sundar. Its director of photography is prasad Edara. KAY Papa Rao is in charge of editing.

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