Netflix has been debating the issue of preventing password sharing for a long. Well, they are currently putting that into practise. According to the most recent sources, a Netflix user must connect to his or her home Wi-Fi network at least once every 31 days in order to maintain an active account. Account suspension will occur if this is not done. The purpose of this plan is to reduce password sharing with friends and family. This is a very bold move on the part of the OTT behemoth.

The fact that returning to the home Wi-Fi network is not always possible has previously been brought up by a number of users, who are irate at Netflix for the same because the consequence is account suspension. The only major OTT provider using this requirement is Netflix, and there is now a lot of discussion surrounding it. Will the plan be successful? In the following few weeks, we shall learn the solution. It is well known that Netflix just launched a mobile-only subscription in india for only Rs 149 per month.

We need to wait and see if this might affect the subscribers even more in the coming days for the OTT giant.

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