shruti haasan, an actor, and singer entered her first recording studio when she was six years old. It was to perform a few verses of the song "Potri Paadadi Penney," written by the musician Ilayaraja, for her father Kamal Haasan's masterpiece Thevar Magan (1992). Then, with butterflies in her stomach, she gripped her father's hand. She then noticed a red heart sticker on the microphone at that point.

That heart reassured her, giving her faith that she wouldn't ruin everything. She has since always linked kindness and love with the recording studio. It will always be a comforting memory for me, says Haasan, who recently arrived back in mumbai from the international project she is working on with Mark Rowley called The Eye. The actress enjoyed her alone time at kodaikanal and stayed at 'The Tamara' Kodai.

Her instagram is filled with posts from kodaikanal and most of them were taken at the Luxury 5-star  resort, 'The Tamara'.  Shruti Haasan was also seen making chocolates and she shared those insta reels on her official instagram page. She also mentioned in the hashtag that it was a solo ride about herself, for herself.

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