Half of Blue service subscribers have less than 1,000 followers on twitter, according to a study, as Elon Musk pushes for the payment of every user of the social media platform. Furthermore, according to Mashable, 2,270 paying twitter Blue users have no followers. According to researcher Travis Brown, there are presently 444,435 paying subscribers to twitter Blue. About 220,132 individuals, or about half of all paid twitter subscribers, have fewer than 1,000 followers.

According to him, nearly 78,059 paying twitter Blue subscribers, or 17.6% of all subscribers, have fewer than 100 people following their account. It is unknown how many of those "current" twitter Blue subscribers are truly non-paying, claims the report. twitter hasn't been taking down the paid verification insignia of many former Blue subscribers.

These individuals still appear in the data and are still listed by twitter as "Blue verified," according to Brown. But according to the study, only 0.2% of Twitter's 254 million daily active users pay for twitter Blue. Musk will eliminate all old Blue check marks as of april 1. In total, there are about 420,000 legacy verified identities. Starting on april 15, only verified profiles will be able to show up in "For You recommendations," according to a statement made by the CEO of twitter on Tuesday.

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