Citroen C3 Aircross Automatic india Review: No Frills SUV

The automatic is a 6-speed torque converter auto and it is a good choice since this segment prefers CVTs/TCs to AMTs.

Citroen C3 Aircross Automatic

Citroen launched its C3 Aircross SUV last year but an automatic gearbox was missing from its feature list and now it has been added. The C3 Aircross is an interesting compact SUV measuring 4.3m while its pricing is from a segment lower. Now, with an automatic, it would appeal to more buyers since many prefer them these days.

The automatic is a 6-speed torque converter auto and it is a good choice since this segment prefers CVTs/TCs to AMTs. The engine is the same 1.2l turbo petrol with 110bhp and 205Nm- more torque than the manual along with an efficiency of 17.6 km. We will jump into the driving experience here and the engine has some vibrations at the star

The gearbox though makes driving the C3 Aircross in the city, an easy affair and it is fairly smooth at low speeds. The powertrain too is more refined at higher speeds than other turbo petrol while the gearbox works nicely. There is a slight lag but only when pushed hard while there are no paddle shifters but there is a manual mode. Acceleration is linear and you are not left wanting for power while high stability is also quite good.

The light steering is also a highlight as is the excellent ground clearance of 200mm along with the suspension which does a better job of tackling bad roads than other SUVs at this price point. Ride quality- a Citroen plus point remains and it is well suited along with being not too soft or hard. While the manual is more fun and feels faster, the automatic makes more sense and suits the car well.

The C3 Aircross also looks fantastic with a typical French flair and gets quite a bit of attention with lovely details like those alloys to the tail lamps. It is well-proportioned and looks bigger too. That said, the interior continues to be the biggest disappointment regarding this car. The key seems to be from an era gone by and there is no start button too.

While you do get a nice 10-inch touchscreen with connected car tech, wireless smartphone connectivity, and a rear camera, you miss out on basic features such as climate control, which is present even on hatchbacks!

There is a lot of cost-cutting everywhere and that includes those manual AC knobs which do not belong on a car at this price along with rear window controls placed inconveniently in the middle while there are no rear AC vents too. Things like 6 airbags and more are also missing. In an era where subcompact SUVs have dual-zone climate control and a powered driver's seat, this needs a serious rethink by Citroen. The interior is spacious though and the rear seat offers up a good amount of legroom plus width. The boot space is also huge.

Prices at Rs lakh, the C3 Aircross automatic makes for a more convenient choice over the manual and comes across as a no-frills spacious SUV with good looks. It is different from rivals and offers space/ground clearance for SUVs priced much higher.

That said you do sacrifice a lot in terms of features and it is its interior which lets it down. However, for the reasons mentioned above, the C3 Aircross now is a better product than before.

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