Shaakuntalam, a telugu mythological play, will soon be released, and samantha Ruth Prabhu, an actor, is preparing for it. The movie is scheduled to premiere on april 14. samantha is making sure to generate enough talk before the movie is released. She recently traveled to mumbai to promote the film, and while there, she uploaded a video of herself to social media.

"Mumbai So excited as we near the release.. can't wait for you all to witness this epic tale on the silver screen," samantha wrote on instagram after sharing the video. On april 14, use the hashtag "#Shaakuntalam." samantha Ruth Prabhu discussed her role as Shakuntala in Shaakuntalam in the video. "The character Shakuntala is so contemporary," she remarked. Her independence is unwavering. She has always thought that her love and devotion are unconditionally true.

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These were the portions that I connected to because she maintains such grace and dignity throughout even the most difficult stages of her journey, and those were the times when she faced the biggest adversities. "The child in me leaped with joy at the chance to play a character that is so similar to a princess and mystical forest and animal characters," samantha continued. I think the viewers will be quite proud of this movie.

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