There isn't a single guy who speaks in this movie. Everybody is shrieking, screaming, and crying at the peak of their lungs, making your ears aching for some peace and quiet. Satyameva Jayate 2 is a poor and clumsy portrayal of jingoistic nationalism and mob justice at its most heinous. milap zaveri gives us a stale narrative that doesn't even bother to bring anything new or distinctive in the name of a vigilante crime thriller and cashing in on the nostalgic for masala films from the 1980s.

The plot follows Dadasaheb Balram azad (John Abraham) and his two children, both of whom are also portrayed by Abraham: one becomes an Union minister (Satya) who wants his anti-corruption legislation enacted, while the other plays a snarky cop (ACP Jay). Satya's spouse Vidya, an opposition leader, is played by divya khosla Kumar, while Gautami Kapoor plays the kids' mom. divya is arguably the only figure that does not speak loudly, yet she almost appears to be reading off a script without any emotions.

The sole redeeming feature of this picture could've been john Abraham, but the actor hasn't had much to work with other than the clumsy writing and repeated, overdramatic speeches. In the midst of it all, I've never comprehended why bollywood directors go too far with nationalism and end up with jingoistic nationalism... though Satyameva Jayate 2 goes even further, for the worse. You can hear a patriotic song playing in the background whenever there is blood splashed on the screens.

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