Many centuries ago, there was a king by the name of Bimbisara (Kalyan Ram). He is malevolent and lusts for power. In a hidden area, he keeps all of his fortune (cash and jewellery). Anyone who disagrees with him or speaks out is not spared by him. Even worse, he murders a young girl. He receives a miraculous mirror from an artist one day that takes him into the future (to 2022). A doctor from the present is looking for a book that Bimbisara has hidden in a locked room. In the meantime, a young girl intervenes to save Bimbisara from an accident. The girl resembles the one he killed in his realm in every way. Will this incident make him a better man?

In his character, Kalyan ram displays three different facets of himself. He portrays both Bimbisara and his identical twin, deva Datta. He does justice to his role as the terrible king of Bimbisara, but he shines more in the contemporary rendition. He is the centre of the entire movie. The characters are all cardboard, with the exception of kalyan Ram's part. Princess Ira, played by catherine Tresa, appears for a song. Role of Samyuktha menon is ridiculous. The heroine plays forgettable parts. The humour of reddy -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>srinivasa reddy is typical. As the antagonist, Vivan Bhatena has little effect.

The visual effects are of the highest calibre and lavishly produced. The film, which is rumoured to be the most expensive in kalyan Ram's career, features a lavish production. The environment in the fifth century is a good blend of VFX and artwork. The visuals are excellent. music is a diverse field. The song "Eeswarude" sticks out, and Keeravani's BGM works well.

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