indian IT professionals have been issued a warning by the Ministry of External Affairs about fraudulent job scams that transfer recruits abroad to perform forced labour. The labourers, according to the authorities, are being held captive and forced against their will to work in inhumane conditions. The victims of the scam, according to the ministry, are typically persuaded to work abroad by advertisements. They are then forced to work in questionable IT companies.

"Recently, our Missions in bangkok and Myanmar have brought to our attention instances of fake job rackets offering lucrative jobs to entice indian youths for the posts of "Digital Sales and Marketing Executives in thailand by dubious IT firms involved in call-center scams and crypto-currency frauds," MEA added.

According to the Center, these people are conned under the pretence of finding lucrative data entry work in thailand through advertisements and employment agencies based in dubai and India. According to reports, most of the victims are transferred illegally across the border into Myanmar where they are forced to labour in inhumane conditions. Therefore, it cautioned indian people not to fall for such false job offers that were being circulated through social media platforms or other sources.

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