In the unusual anthology series Meet Cute, the topics of first-time encounter discussions between strangers are covered. Unexpected themes are covered, and memorable events are eternally ingrained on the mind. The short films Meet The Boy, Old Is Gold, In L(love)AW, Star Struck, and Ex-Girlfriend all deal with different issues relating to marriages and couples, such as marriage (before and after), fights, and proposals.

Each episode features two major characters and one background supporting character. The segment with rohini and aakanksha singh certainly stands out among the other five. They effectively express the relationship the two have, which shifts from discomfort to friendliness, as well as the immediate relatability that rohini brings out. Both surekha vani and Deekshit Shetty, who plays the son-cupid lover, are respectable. sathyaraj works very hard to be straightforward and sincere, and he mostly succeeds. Ruhani is OK, but raja Chembolu is being himself as usual. varsha Bollamma overdoes her wild persona, while Ashwin Kumar Lakshmikanthan isn't given enough material to make a memorable performance.

Shiva Kandukuri is uninteresting, which fits the uninteresting role he is portraying. But for the same reason, the crucial moments that call for intensity and depth are absent. adah sharma appears to be having a good time despite the fact that she is hardly ever featured in anything noteworthy. Finally, despite their best efforts, Sanchita Poonacha and Sunainaa are unable to transcend the extremely dull and superficial material they are working with. One wishes Govind Padmasoorya had more screen time because he makes an impression in a few scenes.

In theory, Meet Cute is acceptable for an OTT outing. Here, the music steals the show, which is delightful. The songs are beautifully done by Vijai Bulganin, and they quickly stand out in each short. However, the background music could have been more effective. It intensifies this place's artificiality. Although A Vasanth's cinematography is generally excellent, the too vibrant colours should have been subdued to give the film a more realistic appearance. The editing by Garry BH is decent. Several episodes could have been neatly trimmed. The writing is a weak point because it comes across as formulaic and flavorless.

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