In tamil Nadu, LKG and UKG classes were conducted in 2,381 Anganwadi centers school campuses by the school education Department. Permanent secondary teachers taught the children through substitute work. In this case, after transferring secondary teachers back to schools, it was reported that LKG and UKG classes will be closed for this academic year.

As there was opposition to this, students were admitted to LKG and UKG. Temporary secondary teachers were appointed to teach them on a stipend of Rs.5,000. They will be paid by the school Management Committee. It was informed that the training will be provided by the district Teacher education and Training Institute.

But they who were appointed last october have not been paid yet. Temporary appointees will be given special leave for one day in a month. But they could not take leave as that too was not notified. Also, training is not provided. The temporary teachers complained that they were facing difficulties due to this. So far, tamil Nadu Educational department hasn't replied or answered to these sufferings and there has been a muted response. Hope education Minister Anbil Magesh rectifies these problems and issues soon.

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