One of telugu cinema's most popular heroes is Adivi Sesh. The actor is attempting to delight the audience with back-to-back films that include high-caliber material. Following Major, Sesh has now created an intriguing movie called HIT 2. The movie is the follow-up to HIT. The box office has been more or less in a dry spell since November. Despite the excellent press, even Megastar's "Godfather" recorded losses, but "Yashoda," which earned respectable press, managed to reach the houseful boards.

While this was going on, independent films like Massoda and love Today did well for themselves. However, "HIT: The Second Case" appears to report some sizable figures. adivi sesh plays the lead in Sailesh Kolanu's film "HIT: The Second Case," which is about a mysterious serial murderer who tests his brains by making a remark about how smart the criminals are. The movie was able to develop some hype before its official release, and Sesh's 'Major' success has helped it maintain the reputation he built.

Although the movie isn't particularly inventive or imaginative, it had a good response, and word of the movie spread. By day's end, the movie had amassed about 6 CR share, which actually raised the distributor's spirits the most. At the US box office, the movie is also doing well. The movie is slowly approaching $500K at the USA ticket counters. The movie wants to succeed internationally as well.

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