During a recent all-hands meeting with top managers, google employees who have survived the recent layoffs have expressed concern and asked reassurance that their jobs are not the next to be eliminated by the firm. An employee located in the UK reportedly advised management that "psychological safety is vital" as Google's parent company Alphabet cut six percent of its workers globally.

Like many of his coworkers, the employee had problems comprehending the news, and he asked: "How are we supposed to ever feel safe again?" The majority of the 12,000 employees, including Indians, fired by the computer giant were high performers and individuals with immigration visas, the study said. If the professionals on an H-1B visa are unable to secure another source of income, they must depart the country in 60 days. "Should I keep exerting myself so much? Is it important? "Another worker questioned.

Employees who "had previously received good performance reports" or had yearly remuneration packages of $500,000 to $1 million were among those who received pink slips. The Post said that an employee asked a query of top google executives via the company's internal messaging system, saying, "The layoffs appear arbitrary." Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet and google, had earlier denied that the layoffs were carried out "randomly" and expressed his "deep regret" for the reduction in staff.

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