Even if the balloons are seen in the sky for the last few days, the Agrarajya gets excited! Adding strength to these, a business jet recently shook the superpower for a while! The security-sensitive white house has begun to roll over. This one thing is enough to make America angry, no planes are allowed to fly from the top of the White House!

However, as a result, a business jet was circling over the white house, and the military immediately alerted and  tried to contact the pilot of the business jet but did not get any response from that side. With this, a key decision was made by the military!After receiving no response from the plane flying over the white house, the plane was chased by an F-16 fighter jet. 

A flare was also released from the fighter jet to alert the business jet pilot. However, there was no response from the pilot. But the business jet that flew in Washington for a while crashed in a forest in Virginia. The owner of this plane, Czar Rampel, responded to this. 

However, virginia Police revealed that no one was found alive at the scene. President Biden was playing golf at Joint Base Andrews when the American fighter jet chased the business jet after circling the White House!

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