Andhra Pradesh cm Jagan mohan reddy spoke to the i-pac organization yesterday and thanked this organization for his party's victory. According to the information coming from the circles around Jagan. A survey was conducted by taking approximately two and a half lakh samples. A total of 5 types of surveys were also conducted. It seems that they have collected all of them at one place and took three or four big leaders and conducted the poll management with a well-planned plan.

The most important aspect of it..who are the beneficiaries among women. According to Jagan's information, 60 to 62 percent of them voted for the ycp party..and it seems that 38 to 45% of men voted. Compared to women, men paid slightly less. Especially the effect of alcohol and other effects may be. Whoever belongs to Kapu (OC) social groups..EBC women also voted 50 to 60%.

60 to 65% of those who have benefited from some scheme like EBC Nestma, Kapu Nestma, La Nestma, etc. have voted for one crore 45 lakh families. received in some form. Dhima's ycp party claims that they got 60 percent of this. It can be said that this is Jagan's slowness. It is with that intention that he will win with a difference of five thousand votes. Somewhere he will win with a difference of ten thousand votes.

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