The andhra pradesh high court dismissed two independent petitions brought by ysr congress party officials seeking reelection in specific voting stations, alleging that the tdp rigged the booths. The high court responded to separate petitions brought by State Irrigation minister Ambati Rambabu in Sattenapalli and chevireddy Mohit reddy in the chandragiri assembly constituency.
The high court said that it cannot intervene with the polling process once the elections are completed. It stated that the petition should have been filed on the day of the polls. Ambati filed the appeal on Tuesday, requesting that six voting stations in the Sattenapalli seat of Palnadu district be reopened.
He stated that manipulation occurred in two polling booths each in Dammalapadu, Narnepadu, and Cheemalamarri, and demanded re-voting after confirming webcasting footage at those locations.
Ambati further alleged that the police department failed to maintain peace and order, citing last-minute transfers made by the election commission as the cause of the crisis.

Recalling that the elections were held peacefully when the YSRC was in opposition, the minister said that the police did not respond to calls and arrived to the scenes of the violence extremely late.
He urged that the ECI undertake a thorough investigation of the police failure during the polls.

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