Allu arjun has been having a lot of difficulties lately. There was the election campaign issue first, and then there were rumors of conflict with the Mega family. In addition, he faced a great deal of hate and abuse on social media. To make matters worse, pushpa 2's release date was pushed back from august 15. According to current sources, his partnership with filmmaker atlee was canceled because the producers were unable to pay Atlee's exorbitant salary demands of 80–100 crores.

Could allu arjun be facing another setback? Following the smash hit Jawan, starring Shah Rukh Khan, which broke all box office records and took home an unprecedented 1200 crores globally, atlee saw a huge surge in popularity. allu arjun could have achieved another pan-Indian triumph through a partnership with Atlee. Nonetheless, Atlee's reputation is derived more from his production of mass-market masala films than from his innovative work. His films frequently use tried-and-true tropes with standard flashback scenes, which appeal greatly to the general public but are eventually forgotten.

There isn't much value in atlee as a filmmaker, especially not among telugu film enthusiasts. allu arjun might not suffer a great deal if he doesn't get to see an atlee movie, even if it would mean losing out on a possible smash. Working with filmmakers like as prashanth neel or sandeep Reddy Vanga may present allu arjun with a more promising career trajectory than his partnership with Atlee. After pushpa 2 is out, things could become clearer.

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