The telangana government issued an order for businesses to close daily by 10.30 p.m. in an attempt to significantly improve the state of peace and order in the city. The directives were issued by the hyderabad police in light of the frequent late-night crimes that have occurred in the city. chief minister Revanth reddy examined the state of peace and order in the city before making the decision.

Additionally, the police have requested that anybody who seeps along a road in the late hours of the night not accept rides from others. Alcohol users in public areas will likewise be subject to harsh penalties. Given that many people these days choose to go out and have supper in the late hours of the night, this is a significant blow to the city's nightlife.

Reactions to the ruling are not uniform. This decision is being criticized, particularly, by businessmen that rely on late-night operations and IT workers who perform night shifts. A few individuals believed that a lot of visitors spend their evenings at the charminar and other well-known locations in the city, which helps the local businesses.
 Businessmen said that while the state should regulate crime, it shouldn't do so at the expense of people's ability to conduct business. They asked the authorities to let them stay open till midnight. Many people who work night shifts, according to IT personnel, get their food late at night from roadside food stands. Closing these types of places at 10.30 p.m. would cause issues for many people who work at midnight. It remains to be seen if the administration takes these demands into account or upholds its ruling.

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