In the next fifty hours, Prabhas' next science fiction epic kalki 2898 AD, which is helmed by nag ashwin and stars deepika Padukone, amitabh bachchan, and kamal haasan, will hit theatres. Following Baahubali's enormous success in tamil Nadu, telugu films have not performed well at all. Salaar and Adipurush, two of Prabhas' most recent films, both had underwhelming box office results in tamil Nadu, earning about 20 crores and less than 5 crores, respectively.
Kalki 2898 AD now intends to break even at 22 crores, meaning that a successful picture would need to make about 40 crores, which is a big ambition for a telugu film in tamil Nadu. It was hoped that Kamal Haasan's appearance would attract a sizable crowd. The scenario is a bit frightening, nevertheless, based on the early reaction to the advanced reservations for kalki 2898 AD in tamil regions.

The movie had a sluggish start as of june 24, with pre-sales grossing 50 lakhs and an average occupancy of 15%. tamil viewers are not very interested in kalki, despite better than anticipated reception from Hindi-speaking areas like bihar and Gujarat. Does tamil Nadu's kamal haasan factor not function? We must bide our time.
Despite these obstacles, there is still hope that kalki 2898 AD can stop this downward trend. It is anticipated that tamil viewers will welcome the movie with the same fervor that telugu viewers have for tamil films. In the next several hours, there should be a noticeable increase in reservations. Apart from the bad tamil box office advance bookings, Kamal Haasan's reputation lends a great deal of goodwill to the production. The film will profit immensely from being translated into other languages, such as telugu if it succeeds and Kamal has a significant part. If word of mouth spreads widely, there is optimism that this success will also be seen in Tamil.


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