Will Babu do justice to Boddu Venkataramana..!?

* Will Babu keep his promise to Boddu Venkataramana?
* Will justice be done to this leader who sacrificed his position due to alliance?
* Should Babu give first priority to such leaders?

With the alliance coming to power in Andhra Pradesh, the number of aspirants is increasing. It is known that ycp leaders have already resigned from the nominated posts. However, the comments show that Chandrababu should give first priority to those who sacrificed their seats and worked for the party due to the alliance. Boddu Venkataramana joined tdp from ycp two years ago. He worked hard to strengthen the tdp in the constituency after taking charge as the tdp in charge of the Rajanagaram constituency. But as part of the alliance, this ticket was allotted to janasena and Battula Balaramakrishna won as MLA. However, it seems that before allocating the Rajanagaram post to Battu, Boddu Venkataramana was assured that telugu desam party chief Chandrababu would give proper recognition as soon as the party came to power.
Boddu Venkata Ramana's father Boddu Bhaskara Rama Rao previously worked as a tdp MLA. There are reports that Boddu Venkataramana is likely to get one of the posts of MLC or chairman of the corporation. janasena candidate Battula also worked hard for victory. Even if he did not get the chance to contest, he believed in the party.

Only if Boddu Venkataramana, who joined tdp from ycp and worked tirelessly for the party, is given a key post, it can be said that tdp will be fully justified. There are comments that it would be better if Chandrababu-nominated posts were filled as soon as possible. As there are a large number of leaders who believe in the alliance, Babu has the responsibility to do justice to every leader who has worked hard for the party. It seems that soon chandrababu naidu will pay special attention to the nominated posts.

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