Jagan and sharmila initially received widespread support from the people when they engaged in politics together. Their relationship was highly praised, and sharmila managed to maintain the party's prominence and recognition even when jagan was in jail. However, sharmila is now politically opposing jagan, causing unrest among the people of Kadapa.

The discord within the YS family has led to criticism of Jagan's ability to serve the people of andhra pradesh effectively, given his inability to resolve issues with his own sister. While it is rumored that their conflict is related to assets, political circles suggest there may be other underlying reasons.

If assets were the main issue, sharmila could have taken legal action to resolve it, but she has not pursued this route. Observers believe that if the disagreement between jagan and sharmila were minor, their mother Vijayamma could have easily mediated. It is speculated that the conflict might be related to party matters.

Some believe that Sharmila's dramatic decisions stem from jagan obstructing her political career. Questions arise about whether jagan will resolve his issues with sharmila or continue to exclude her from politics. Despite fans' hopes for their reconciliation, both jagan and sharmila remain adamant. jagan appears ready to implement new strategies to restore the former glory of the YCP.

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