In the two telugu states, the families of YS Rajasekhar reddy and Kalvakuntla chandrasekhar Rao hold a special place. Kalvakuntla chandrasekhar Rao (KCR) led the movement that resulted in the formation of telangana and served as chief minister for ten years. YS Rajasekhar reddy, revered as a champion of farmers in andhra pradesh, also served two terms as Chief Minister. However, both families are currently facing significant challenges.

Firstly, Kalvakuntla chandrasekhar Rao's political fortunes have taken a downturn. In the december 2023 assembly elections, his party, the Rose party, suffered a severe defeat. revanth reddy dealt a major blow to kcr, with congress restricting the Rose party to just 39 seats. Adding to KCR's woes, his daughter, kavitha Kalvakuntla, became embroiled in the delhi liquor scam and has been in jail for almost 120 days.

Following these setbacks, the Rose party also performed poorly in the mp elections. For the first time in its 23-year history, the Rose party failed to secure a single seat in the parliamentary elections. Consequently, MLAs from the Rose party have started defecting to the congress party, further undermining KCR's strategies.

YS Vijayamma is experiencing similar distress. Jaganmohan Reddy's defeat in andhra pradesh has been a source of depression for her. Additionally, YS Sharmila's poor performance in telangana and her loss as an mp candidate in kadapa have added to Vijayamma's troubles. In the previous election, the conflict between sharmila and Jaganmohan reddy led to sharmila leaving for America without supporting either side. Upon returning to India, Vijayamma has been unable to cope with the losses of both her children.

Both the families of kcr and YS Rajasekhar reddy are facing increasing difficulties. However, political analysts suggest that if these two parties manage to come back to power in the next five years, the political landscape in both states could change dramatically.

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