From where and when will monsoon enter...?

People are troubled by the scorching heat and heat wave in many states of North India. However, monsoon has knocked in many states of the country, but in many states of the north and west areas, people are still eagerly waiting for the monsoon. Meanwhile, the Meteorological Department has predicted heavy rains in eastern Uttar Pradesh, jharkhand and bihar on june 26. Whereas, the sky remained cloudy in delhi on monday evening and light rain also occurred in some areas including Lutyens Delhi.

Earlier, monsoon had knocked in many states of kerala and Northeast by May 30. The first monsoon rain has also occurred in many areas of Kottayam district of Kerala. Meanwhile, the IMD says that heavy rains are likely at different places in bihar on june 25 and 26, 2024. Whereas, heavy rains are expected at different places in uttarakhand on june 28 and 29.

Possibility of light rain in delhi in 3-4 days

According to the Meteorological Department, there is a possibility of light rain with thunder and lightning in the capital delhi till june 30. During this time, the temperature will also drop. However, the Meteorological Department says that till the monsoon does not enter delhi, the humid summer season will continue. According to the IMD, the maximum temperature of delhi can remain between 36 to 40 degree Celsius throughout this week and the minimum temperature is likely to be around 28 to 32 degree Celsius.

Know when will the monsoon come to Delhi?

The IMD has predicted that the date of arrival of the monsoon in the capital delhi is june 30. However, it has happened many times that the monsoon has entered delhi before this scheduled time. Apart from this, many times one had to wait a lot. In such a situation, the Meteorological Department believes that the monsoon may arrive around june 30.

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