It's been so long, I came here, chiranjeevi said at Waltair Veerayya's victory meet. I still have vivid memories of organising a road show in warangal under the banner of the Praja Ankitha Yatra. Today, it's essentially the same. We predict that this film will become a box office success. However, we did not anticipate this type of hit. It became a hit that wasn't Baahubali, RRR, or SSR. It's not your typical hit. Gross sales are around 250 Cr.

Everyone was reminded of my great singles, Gang Leader, Gharana Mogudu, and rowdy alludu by my portrayal in the film. bobby wanted to work on a movie with me, and today he gave me a blockbuster. Waltair Veerayya offered him the same stardom that khaidi gave me—stardom as a director. He became famous as a result. I started to admire him after watching all of his effort. He planned out the movie carefully to avoid increasing the budget.

In the touching episode, ravi teja reminded me of Pawan Kalyan. Because of that, the scene actually turned out great. Glycerine wasn't used in the scene. I performed the kissing act in the wall poster scene to heighten the death scenario. I present a gentlemanly exterior, but I harbour sinister tendencies. How do I look young, people often ask. I'll entirely transform once I put on makeup. I received more love today than I anticipated.

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