With the extraordinary success of RRR, ntr is one celebrity whose films are now eagerly anticipated not only in the telugu states but throughout india as a whole. There are huge hopes for NTR30, his upcoming movie under koratala Siva's direction, which will soon begin filming. There are rumours that ali KHAN' target='_blank' title='saif ali khan-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>saif ali khan has joined the cast to play the movie's primary antagonist, though this hasn't been officially verified.

Saif has advanced significantly over the past three decades, starting off as a chocolaty hero in the 1990s. He is currently regarded as one of indian cinema's most adaptable protagonists, capable of playing any part with ease. Yet his portrayal of the villainous Langda Tyagi in Omkara was his most gripping performance. The raw rage of ntr can be the ideal counterbalance to a menacing villain in the character of Saif ali Khan. It would be exciting to watch two titans go up against one another.

But there is a problem. In telugu movies, North indian actors haven't proven to be particularly effective as villains. In Mahesh Babu's Sainikudu, even a famous actor like irrfan khan delivered a laughably bad performance. Also criticised for his performance in vinaya vidheya rama was vivek Oberoi. In movies like shakti and Saaho, jackie shroff produced some horrible performances as the bad guy. Even a seasoned performer like nawazuddin siddiqui in the movie petta opposite Rajinikanth came off as a cardboard villain. 

The reception to Saif ali Khan's role as Raavan in Prabhas' Adipurush hasn't been positive. Yet, the criticism is mainly directed at the appearance and visual effects than at Saif ali Khan. Thus, everything hinges on how koratala siva envisions Saif ali Khan's persona. You may be sure that Saif will give a standout performance if he can create a strong villain character. NTR30, which will be produced by sudhakar Mikkilineni and Harikrishna and be released in april 2024, has cast janhvi kapoor to portray the female lead.

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