Ram Charan is in a good mood following the epic run of RRR, which recently ended with the oscar triumph. The title announcement video for Charan's upcoming feature with shankar was released today in honour of his birthday. The Charan-starring film's title, Game Changer, is officially confirmed by the trailer. Additionally, there is a clear sign that the movie has a political undertone.

The video contains pawns, an assembly set, and a king insignia, all of which suggest that the movie is a political ruse. This plays right into Shankar's strengths. When it comes to political topics, as he demonstrated with Oke okkadu and Sivaji, shankar is an expert. With ram Charan's Game Changer available right now, he might very well be back in his element. Game Changer has the ideal mix of universal themes and reach to appeal to the entire indian market.

There is a very good possibility that Charan's box office prospects across india will soar if it performs well. The Charan and kiara Advani-starring shankar film is anticipated to open in theatres next summer. The team is currently shooting few more scenes at orissa and kiara advani is part of this schedule.

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