The Akkineni family has been experiencing some difficulties lately as a result of the Akkineni trio's string of box office failures, which include Nag, Chay, and Akhil. To go back to the subject, nagarjuna in particular seems to have taken a break from acting recently. Nag recently wished Agent and Custody the best in two social media posts in which he expressed his good wishes for the teams. I think that's all. Since then, he hasn't provided any updates.

Nag didn't participate in any of Chay's Custody marketing initiatives. That's a bit strange because Nag usually joins Chay and akhil for at least one of their film's advertising campaigns, but with Custody, that didn't happen. There is no information on when Nag will start filming his next movie. Despite the fact that prasanna Kumar Bezawada's script is most likely included, there has yet to be an official announcement. Nag looks to be taking a break from acting and detaching himself from the film industry for the time being.

Akkineni nagarjuna has stated that he intends to celebrate the centennial of the birth of his father ANR in a lavish manner as well. This is slated to happen the next year. There has been buzz in the industry for some time that things between balayya and nagarjuna are not good.

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