'Vinayaka Chavithi' function happened yesterday and we can see various idols of Ganesha in various forms. Few idols were made with respect to ideas from Tollywood movies.

1. Baahubali

Lots of idols were made with respect to 'Baahubali'. The recent sensation 'Baahubali' has taken even Lord Ganesha. We can see idols where Ganesha carries his own idol.

2. Eega

An idol was made yet again based on creative mind of S.S.Rajamouli. The idol was shaped in such a way that Ganesha is the 'Eega'.

3. Gabbar Singh

This idol must have been created by fans of Pawan. Ganesha was seen in cop dress and Pawan's trade mark walking style. Ganesha even wore a coolers just like pawan from the movie still.

4. Srimanthudu

Ganesh has come in form of Mahesh. The latest blockbuster 'Srimanthudu' has made an impact and Lord Ganesha was seen in jeans and tee just like Mahesh from 'Srimanthudu'.

Lots of Hollywood movie based idols can also be seen. 'Avengers' idol, Spider-Man can also been seen in huge manner.

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