After the marriage of samantha and Chaitu, the two acted together in several films. It started with Majili. Although it may seem like a love story, the director says it's a nice definition of love, tied to the love that eventually blossoms between husband and wife.

It was rumoured at the time that Samantha's husband had worked hard for the success of the film as it was the first time the two were doing it together after marriage. director Shiva Nirvana himself narrated and directed the film. samantha and her husband played the lead roles, while divyansha kaushik also appeared in the lead role in the love story of Chaitu. Chaitu's acting is also seen in the film.

Samantha's special attention to the film is also one of the reasons for her handiwork. It is said that samantha lived in a waiting role, realizing that the man she loved was marrying himself under the influence of circumstances, and then realizing the difficulty of not being able to welcome his wife into life.

The director also succeeds in carving out Chaitu as a stranger who wasted his life with drunkenness and quarrels, as a failed boy in love, and as a stranger who missed that opportunity due to unforeseen circumstances.

The director manages to capture the love between the husband and wife in this case, knowing that the loved one is a child but dead, coaching his child and eventually adopting himself as a child. It is clear that the director has achieved the expected result as all these characters have been adapted to the current trend rather than a bit old-fashioned.

That is to say, the way the characters are portrayed is as good as it gets in the old days. There is no doubt that these backgrounds led the film to success. The director's uncompromising choice of characters also contributed to the film's success. Although the story is old, the director succeeds in shaping it.

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