Remuneration for movies made by tollywood star heroes has been increased in recent times. Rajinikanth was generally the highest paid hero in Asia. Rajini Kant takes more than action hero Jackie Chan.

Seeing this, now the telugu heroes have also increased their remuneration a lot. prabhas also earns around Rs. It was reported that he had taken Rs 100 crore. Now superstar mahesh babu has also increased his remuneration.

Currently, the government is releasing a movie titled Sarkaru Vaari Paata directed by superstar mahesh babu Parushuram. The film is being made on a huge budget. The film is being produced by Maitri movie Makers.

Information that the producer is not stepping back in terms of budget. However, the latest news is that mahesh babu is getting a huge remuneration for this film. mahesh babu paid Rs. It is going viral on social media that he is taking Rs 50 crore reward. Fans are wondering how much a movie can take.

Meanwhile, the government is showing their song in the film about corruption and scams in the banking system. The talk is that the film will be aimed at those who commit financial crimes in the country.

Some key scenes between Samudra and hero Mahesh are currently being filmed at the uppal Metro Station. It seems that the shooting of this movie will be completed soon. The film is set to release worldwide in theatres next year as a wallpaper gift.

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