As part of the gradual relaxing of corona curfew restrictions, the andhra pradesh government has issued new rules. Following a spike in corona infections, a nationwide curfew was enacted. As a result, several public places such as temples, theatres, and shopping malls have been prohibited. The curfew is being relaxed due to a decrease in the number of infections. Meanwhile, due to Corona, several states, including tamil Nadu and andhra pradesh, have declared the opening of theatres with barely 50% capacity. Theatrical operations are being carried out as planned.

In this regard, the state of andhra pradesh has issued new guidelines as part of a gradual relaxation of the curfew restrictions. The government of andhra pradesh, led by chief minister Jagan Mohan Reddy, has permitted theatres to run with 100 per cent capacity.

Telugu film industry filmmakers had previously urged the state government to enable 100 per cent viewing. They also urged that andhra pradesh be permitted to run theatres, as telangana has done so with 100% occupancy since June. Theatre owners and filmmakers in andhra pradesh have applauded the state government's decision to enable theatres to operate with 100 per cent occupancy from today.

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