The "Atluntadhi Manathoni" speech, which went viral after dj Till's release, is now being applied to Siddhu, and some individuals are targeting him on social media. people in the film industry frequently advise against taking success to the head, but when it does, all they can think to do is do just that. There are rumours circulating that the young hero siddhu Jonnalagadda is currently experiencing the syndrome known as "taking success to head."

Siddhu began creating stories and scripts undoubtedly because previous directors were not doing much to help him stabilise his career. Following a few of these projects, he has had tremendous success with dj Tillu, for which he wrote the story and script. The skilled hero appears to have suffered from the enormous success of the picture, based on the events that are revolving around it.

First of all, due to creative differences, director Vimal Krishna, who had served as an assistant director on Siddhu's previous film krishna and His Leela, left the project. neha shetty was reportedly removed because siddhu doesn't want to repeat her, despite claims that she, Sreeleela, and anupama parameswaran have been replaced. Next up is Sreeleela, who isn't prepared to do the kissing sequences. Anupama is reportedly willing to do all of that, but she is reportedly uncomfortable with Siddhu's involvement in every aspect of production. adivi sesh or Vishwak Sen, who are also the de facto directors of their films, are examples of people who might easily manage if they didn't take success too seriously. Perhaps siddhu should consider these instances and restrain his creative impulses so they don't negatively impact the movie.

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