It's quite challenging to avoid criticism of any movie. However, once that hurdle has been overcome, a movie's creators should concentrate on post-release advertising to help it gain further theatre exposure. Other than 2 or 3, there weren't many noteworthy movies released in November. Maredumilli Prajaneekam attracted the attention of the public and media out of these. Even though the movie didn't receive any bad press on opening day, the entire cast and crew chose to ignore it without responding. The movie didn't get to the vast majority of people as a result.

The highest salary in allari Naresh's career was given to him for this movie. However, he gave post-release publicity no thought. Zee Studios provided financial support, thus the producer is content with non-theatrical rights. The pre-release business alone brought in Rs 4 Cr. He did not care about the movie's dire situation as he also left in peace.

On the other hand, Maredumilli Prajaneekam suffered a setback when the dubbed movie love Today enjoyed success in theatres. On december 2, Hit2 and Matti Kusthi will be available. If both movies do well, allari Naresh's movie will officially be out of theatres.

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