Samantha Ruth Prabhu only gave one media interview to promote her most recent movie Yashoda because of health difficulties. The film received the much-needed boost from that interview, and its opening weekend box office performance was respectable. She is now developing the historical epic Shaakuntalam, which is being helmed by Gunasekhar.

Samantha needs to make effective film advertising in order to generate some buzz. She is the only leading lady in the film who has the ability to draw large crowds to theatres. The movie has a significant budget, so it needs a strong start to succeed. However, the movie's creators are torn. They want samantha to do a lot of movie promotion, but they can't afford to put her under that kind of strain given her recent health issues. They won't want to overwork her by forcing her to participate in numerous interviews and promotional events.

On the other hand, because samantha is the only star attraction in Shaakuntalam and the stakes are so high, they cannot afford to pass up promotions for her. We must wait and watch what sort of marketing plan they will implement for Shaakuntalam that will give the movie a major push.

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