The narrative follows Mack (Charleen McClure) as she goes through various emotions, including loss, love, heartbreak, and all in between, from childhood to adulthood. In order to portray Mack's journey, the movie is set in rural Mississippi in the 1970s and cuts back and forth in time. All Dirt Roads Taste of salt is all about arousing the senses and presenting emotions through touch and nature, from the relationship she has with her sister to her romance with one of her childhood friends and lessons from her mother (The Woman King's Sheila Atim).

The story leaps about in time, but Jackson trusts the audience to follow up and comprehend what's going on. These are snippets of Mack's life, a curated depiction of all the significant events that have shaped her. The movie is incredibly compelling, filled with delicate touches and hands that move, touch, feel, and beg to be held, welcomed, and loved. Scenes drag on. Jackson isn't in a rush to get to the next situation.

In All Dirt Roads Taste of salt, the author challenges the audience to consider Mack and her family's existence in the rural South, how it has shaped and affected them, and, most importantly, how the land is as much a part of them as they are of it. The movie is a gorgeous example of visual and aural storytelling accomplishment. Crickets chirp, leaves rustle, and the sound of cascading water has a personality all its own. Jackson carefully selected every single moment to tell the story in an almost lyrical manner; everything is deliberate and rhythmic in its ebbs and flows. The movie has magnificent visuals, and director Jomo Fray makes the most of the natural surroundings.

The non-linear structure of the movie isn't necessarily its best aspect. Because the narrative jumps back and forth so frequently to the past, it might be challenging to determine where Mack is in her life. Certain details of Mack's narrative aren't clear as to whether they occurred recently or in the present. It is the only thing keeping the movie back. Much of the character development is also missed because of this method of storytelling. It takes some time for the story to come together because the movie is more like a snapshot of a few key, memorable moments. These flaws can be disregarded, though, as Jackson's daring debut is generally a lavish, calm, and contemplative watch. Jackson is undoubtedly a director to watch.

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