Priyanka Chopra's daughter's photo released for the first time!

Priyanka Chopra-Nick Jonas's daughter Maldi Mary's photo has been released for the first time and is stirring the internet. priyanka Chopra's first public event with her daughter Maldi Mary has been released. Through this, priyanka chopra revealed her daughter's face for the first time. Famous bollywood actress priyanka chopra got married to American pop singer Nick Jonas in 2018. Following this, priyanka chopra settled in America with her husband after marriage. Why when she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl via surrogacy last year? She also recently revealed that she gave birth to a child through surrogate motherhood. Regarding this, she said that she had some medical problems, and because of this, she said she had a child through surrogate motherhood. It has been a year since the birth of the child, and till now priyanka chopra has not shown a photo of her child to her fans, but now she is participating in a public event. Maldi's photos taken during the event are going viral on social media.Priyanka Chopra's husband Nick Jonas Brothers joined their wives on The hollywood Walk of Fame Star. priyanka chopra attended this event with her daughter Maldi. For the first time, priyanka chopra attended a public event with her daughter and showed her daughter's photo to the fans. And holding her daughter in the show, Maldi's beauty and mischievousness captivated everyone.

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