The most talked-about director in india is lokesh kanagaraj, who has established a strong following among fans by producing side action films in his own distinctive manner. Vikram, the final film directed by lokesh kanagaraj and starring kamal haasan, became an instant smash. Following this, lokesh kanagaraj began filming Thalapathy 67 a few weeks ago, in which Thalapathy Vijay is playing the pivotal role.

The filming for Thalapathy 67's upcoming phase, which is currently taking place in india, will start in Kashmir. The film crew has hurried to kashmir for that reason. In the meantime, yesterday (January 30), Thalapathy 67 director lokesh kanagaraj unveiled the first official poster for the film alongside a group shot of Thalapathy Vijay. Is Ulaganayakan kamal haasan joining the film Thalapathy 67?,

Shruti Haasan, an actress and Ulaganayakan Kamal Haasan's daughter, responded to director lokesh Kanagaraj's post. The fans' anticipation is now growing. There is a universe that was previously established as LCU from the vikram movie, and it is anticipated that the Thalapathy 67 movie will also take place in this universe. The fans are anxiously anticipating Kamal Haasan's return as Agent vikram in this scenario, if the world hero kamal haasan participates in. We anticipate having access to the necessary information on this based on the ensuing announcements.

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