Balagam, a small-screen classic by dil Raju, is performing well at the box office. Like no other film in recent memory, the movie is receiving an extended run. The movie reached its single biggest revenue day on its seventeenth day. Greater than any other day is the third Sunday.

The film has fared better than recent movies Phalana Ammayi Phalana Abbayi and Kabzaa from naga Shaurya. This unique box office trend demonstrates the influence of quality films. dil raju once more showed why he is a master at evaluating movies and supporting good movies based on content rather than celebrity strength.

Ram Charan, who is a member of RRR, thanked the Balagam crew yesterday when they visited the RC 15 set. "Congratulations to the entire crew on the tremendous success of Balagam," ram charan stated. I was deeply impressed by the way you accurately and truthfully depicted telangana villages, the people, and their feelings. Its success is a result of the audience rewarding their labour of love. Balagam, a small movie made by comedian Venu Yeldandi, became one of the year's biggest hits. The movie, which stars priyadarshi and Kavya Kalyanram as the protagonist couple, is still doing well at the box offices in ap and TS.

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