The tale demonstrates the effort made to distinguish Dhamki from earlier films with a similar double-role format. To make the story unique and emphasize him as a performer, Vishwak Sen drastically modifies the dual role character in the story. However, none of these actions are being done with conviction. In the end, he performs poorly as a filmmaker. The drama was created and handled in an incompetent manner, notably the flashback.

Numerous turns and poor direction result in a disorganized story that is further ruined by editing. A hurried impression is created by the rapid pacing. The plot is not followed, and there is no interest in the thrills. When one reaches the conclusion, one feels exhausted. As long as it keeps on a largely predictable commercial course, Dhamki is tolerable overall. The action thriller's second half is where it goes off course and never recovers. Ultimately, it disappoints on both counts because it is neither proper commercial fare nor a suspenseful action thriller.

Apart from the primary duo, there are numerous well-known faces. As Vishwak Sen's buddies, hyper aadi and rangasthalam Mahesh make an immediate impression. They benefit from the writing; with their timing and punchlines, they successfully pull off the comedy.

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