The landmark film "RRR," which debuted on this day last year, changed the course of history. The movie went on to earn Rs 1200 crore at the box office and became one of the most successful blockbusters in telugu and indian film history. But nobody had any idea that "RRR" would make it all the way to the Oscars and take home a prize.

The line producer of "RRR," son of director SS rajamouli, SS Karthikeya, recounted his experiences working on the movie during its final year of production. karthikeya expressed his feelings on social media, however, his post was more about the song "Naatu Naatu." Back in 2017, everyone was quite excited at the prospect of seeing two of the nation's top actors together in a single movie. "Naatu Naatu" is one of the many mind-bending sequences in the film that stood out and made a splash around the world, according to Karthikeya, who was completely thrilled when rajamouli described the entire set-up.

Karthikeya gave prem Rakshit master credit for creating more than 120 versions for this song's choreography. "Their (Jr ntr and ram Charan's) scorching dance, the entrancing choreography, the pulsing music and the overall ambiance, the way all aspects complemented each other, gave us the impression that the cinemas would catch fire. Without a doubt," karthikeya continued.

Like everyone else, karthikeya had no idea the song would become so popular, especially in the West. He expressed gratitude to all who had contributed to the success of "Naatu Naatu," which won the Best Original Song Oscar.

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