Gossip mongers don't have much mental room for fact-checking. One such recent case was a media outlet saying that Danayya is dissatisfied with RRR's Oscars campaign because she didn't receive any mentions. The producer addressed this in a recent interview, saying that he is overjoyed that his name is connected to a movie that won an Oscar. In his distinctive manner, he put an end to the rumours.

Now, Rajamouli's son Karthikeya, who serves as the company's executive producer, has implicitly dispelled the rumours once more. Following RRR's oscar victory, karthikeya sent a heartfelt thank-you card to producer Danayya for making the film possible on such a large scale. For good reason, he made a distinct and notable mention to Danayya. This should put an end to this false narrative as Danayya and Karthikeya, one of RRR's key men, have finally refuted these unfounded rumours.

The rrr oscar campaign has drawn controversy while serving as a fantastic case study for many on how to advertise your movie. Regarding the necessity of investing such a large sum in oscar marketing, director Tammareddy Bhardwaj had made startling claims. producer of rrr DVV Danayya also claimed that he was not contacted before to the Oscars.

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