New twist in aishwarya Rajinikanth's theft case..!?

Actor Rajinikanth's daughter aishwarya has taken a new twist in the case of the theft of 60 sovereigns of jewelry from her locker. Actor Rajinikanth's daughter aishwarya complained to the Thenampet police station last month that 60 sovereigns worth of jewelry was stolen from her locker. In the first phase, the police interrogated two people, Iswari (46) from Mandaveli Pallivasal Street, Chennai, who worked at Aishwarya's house, and Venkatesan (44), a car driver from Thiruvekadu Manasura Garden.
In this, from Aishwarya's house, both Iswari and Venkatesan admitted that they stole the jewelry. 100 sovereigns of gold jewelry, 30 grams of diamond jewelry, 4 kg of silver articles, and a house deed have been seized from them.While aishwarya reported that 60 sovereigns were stolen from her house, now more than 100 sovereigns of jewelry have been confiscated. This has made the police suspicious. Therefore, the police department has decided to interrogate aishwarya in this regard. However, one more person has been arrested in this case. According to this, Vinalak shankar Navali from Mylapore has been arrested by Thenampet police for buying stolen jewelry. aishwarya has filed a new complaint now that 143 sovereign jewels have been seized. In the complaint, the silver items were missing. 200 sovereigns Jewelry is also missing in the complaint. This has caused a great shock.

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